Realism vs Rules

The rules of 4th edition can only cover so much, and I’m thankful for it. I would hate it if they had a rule for everything. But what that does mean is that there are going to be gaps, specifically in the mundane. Also, the rules don’t always differentiate between realistic differences when applying their abilities or boundaries to them. This is the job for the DM to do.

For this campaign, I will be taking liberties with the rules at times for the sake of realism. For example, there are currently no rules governing the care of gear. Currently in the Shrouded Isle, there is a heavy mist in the air. Those out in it get damp very quickly. That condition is going to have effects in the game that normally aren’t covered by the rules. Light sources won’t go as far, or as well. Starting fires or keeping fires going is more difficult. Gear like bowstrings and such will need to be well taken care of or degrade.

Another consideration is gear size. It is one thing to stow a dagger on your belt, and quite another to say you do the same with a polearm.

In some cases, I will rule in favor of realism over rules. Please try to consider that. There are going to be times where I will modify, or disallow a written rule based on the conditions surrounding the characters. On the flip side of that, there will be times where I will add or allow actions that aren’t in the rules if you can come up with a reasonable and realistic argument for it.

The biggest thing to remember is that while a DM should follow the rules, he is not constrained by them. You will simply have to trust me that I am not out to get you, but that I have a real reason behind it, even if it is not readily apparent to you or your character.

Realism vs Rules

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