Character Creation

So here is a reminder for character creation. We are starting with 7th level characters. You have exactly enough xp to be 7th. In terms of gear, you each have 4,800gp to buy your equipment with. This is less than the normal starting amount for a 7th level character, but this is to reflect the character’s monetary issues. Mundane items are free for the most part, but don’t go crazy. Basically, if it costs over 50gp, you need to pay for it from your starting cash.

I encourage you all to share your character ideas with each other. You are all companions and have known each other for quite some time. At some point, you have put your life in the hands of the people around you. That doesn’t mean you all have to like each other all the time, but there is trust and respect there.

I would like you to come up with a reason that led you to the deck of the Waiting Lady and sailing into the unknown. Is your group running for something. Did someone have a vision? Did some wild rumor draw you here? Do you have a personal reason that is seperate from the group? Those are sorts of things I can use to create hooks and personalize the story.

Lastly, do try to make well rounded characters. If they are too focused on one thing, they will have a hard time blending in with the campaign.

Character Creation

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