Undiscovered Country

End of the Voyage

You feel the boat slide across something with a shudder and the sound of wood tearing away does nothing to ease your mind. Soon sounds of the captain shouting fill your ears. The man seems to be in a rage, screaming at his men to move the ship back and forth through the maze of hidden reefs. Captain Dormon’s mood has been sour for the whole voyage it seems, and now it is ablaze as if he is filled with the aspect of Kord himself. You shake your head in wonder at how he is able to move his vessel through these treacherous waters. From what you have heard, more than one ship rests at the bottom here. The fact that you can’t see more than ten feet due to this mist is amazing enough, but that he is doing it at night with no stars in sight is even more impressive…or insane. Another hard shudder causes you to grip the railing with white knuckles.

But there, through the darkness ahead, a small light. The ship heads straight for it now. Soon you see that the light is a fire, a huge bonfire upon the shore. As you close to it, you see a wooden dock take shape and Captain Dormon slides the Waiting Lady along side it.

You grab your possessions and look around you. Your companions are picking up their gear and heading for the boarding plank already. You are all eager to get off the ship and back onto solid ground. You nod to the captain as you walk off the Waiting Lady. As you walk down the dock, you think you hear him grumble something about never returning to this forsaken place. Second thoughts flash through your mind and you consider returning to the ship for a moment. No, you’ve made your choice. All of you have, and your fates are here, come what may. You spot what looks to be an inn of some sort and gesture to your comrades to follow.



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